Sponsor a Child

We rely on sponsorship to feed, educate and raise our children.

What is it?

By sponsoring a child you help support the work of Home of Hope with a small financial gift each month. We actively encourage sponsors and children to write to each other and give regular updates on your child's progress.

Three Simple Steps

1. Choose a child to sponsor
2. Click the PayPal button to fill in your details.
3. Sit back and wait for the first letter from your child to arrive.

Normally this is emailed to you within 2 weeks.

21 years old - Girl

Anastasia has been living at Home of Hope since she was 4 years old. Her mother committed suicide following an argument with her father, and his whereabouts is now unknown. Her younger brother also lives here. Anastasia enjoys caring for others and would like to become a nurse one day.

17 years old - Girl

Brenda does well in school and likes playing netball in her free time. She would like to become a nurse when she finishes her education. Support her dreams!

21 years old - Girl

Carla enjoys playing with friends and singing. She would like to become a Police Inspector General one day. Help her get there!

21 years old - Girl

Caroline is filled with energy and you can often find her playing football. Join her team of supporters!

24 years old - Girl

Chipiliro's goal is to work extra hard to complete his education so that he can rescue his parents and his siblings from poverty. He wishes to become a soldier in the Malawian army and he likes jogging in his free time. Support his ambitions!

8 years old - Boy

Chisomo is funny and likes singing.
currently in Preschool

20 years old - Boy

Comfort was born in 2003 but his exact birthday is unknown since both of his parents have passed away. He came to Home of Hope at 13 years old and is doing well in high school. He wishes to become a teacher when he is older. Give Comfort some comfort and become his sponsor!

25 years old - Boy

Emmanuel likes playing soccer with friends during his free time. He is excelling in all subjects in school and wishes to become a police officer when he finish his education. Be his sponsor!

30 years old - Boy

Enock was abandoned by his father before Home of Home. He is studying hard to make his community proud. Joi

23 years old - Girl

Orphaned at a young age, Faith came to Home of Hope for a chance at an education. Now she is top of her class and an aspiring nurse. Keep Faith on her high-achieving path!

19 years old - Boy

He lost both parents and often stays with his grandmother when not at Home of Hope. He likes chatting with his friends and making people laugh. Make Francisco's day and sponsor him today!

Someone else

Want to sponsor a child but can't see them here? Use our contact form to get in touch and we'll organise it.