Sponsor a Child

We rely on sponsorship to feed, educate and raise our children.

What is it?

By sponsoring a child you help support the work of Home of Hope with a small financial gift each month. We actively encourage sponsors and children to write to each other and give regular updates on your child's progress.

Three Simple Steps

1. Choose a child to sponsor
2. Click the PayPal button to fill in your details.
3. Sit back and wait for the first letter from your child to arrive.

Normally this is emailed to you within 2 weeks.

11 years old - Girl

Talita came to the orphanage soon after the death of her mother. She is in Standard 1 at school and is doing very well, receiving good grades. She likes to sing in the Sunday school choir.

Tatenda and Tawanda
8 years old - Boy

They are single orphans and they lost their mother during delivery, and their father's whereabouts is unknown. They love playing peek-a-boo with the staff here!

22 years old - Girl

Tendai is happy to be at Home of Hope and enjoys playing with lots of friends. She would like to be a doctor one day. Be a friend to Tendai and sponsor her today!

20 years old - Girl

Tothozini is grateful to spend every day at Home of Home in a safe, friendly environment, where she is cared for. educated and protected. Be her sponsor!

20 years old - Boy

Trevor's favorite color is white. He loves numbers and would like to become an accountant one day. Be a part of Trevor's life equation!

19 years old - Boy

Welason is an avid reader and looks forward to class every day. Become a sponsor & help provide him with books and educational materials!

6 years old - Boy

Wellington's mother died during childbirth and he came to the orphanage at just two days old. He is a happy baby and is doing well. Show Wellington some love and help him grow big and strong!

23 years old - Boy

William loves to talk - especially with friends at Home of Hope. He'd like to use his voice for good and become a judge. Become Wiliam's sponsor and start a dialouge today!

17 years old - Boy

Yakiti was abandoned by his mother when he was very young. He does well in school and his favorite subjects are History and Biology. In his free time, he loves playing soccer with the other children. His favorite color is white. Sponsor Yakiti and join his global family!

7 years old - Boy

Yashi is 18-months-old, loves hugs, and is learning to walk! Guide Yashi through the steps of life.

23 years old - Girl

Zione lost her mother died during childbirth. She is doing well at Home of Hope and enjoys drawing and colouring. Zione would like to be a nurse one day. Support her on her educational journey!

Someone else

Want to sponsor a child but can't see them here? Use our contact form to get in touch and we'll organise it.